I’m too Gurley for This…….



About two weeks ago, I wrote about how much I love Fall and all of my favorite things about Fall.  What I failed to mention, and I can’t believe this, is how much I love football. Since I’ve gotten older, when I tell people that I like football they look at me in shock. I know why they look at me like that. It’s because I’m incredibly girly!

Which is kind of ridiculous because I’m from Alabama and pretty much all we have in Alabama is football! Alabama is FOOTBALL! But when people look at me, they don’t know I’m from Alabama; all they see is this girl with big hoop earrings. I am talking big hoop earrings like the size of a holla hoop.  They see five inch high heels, a cute little dress, long nails, and shiny lip gloss!


In their eyes, I guess they are not seeing a girl that looks like she watches or knows anything about football.  Well, they would be wrong! I don’t just like football I love football. As a matter of fact, I’m in a fantasy football league and I had been for the past 5 years.

I grew up with a family that absolutely loves football. My older sister named my nephew Dallas, after the Dallas Cowboys. I grew up watching and I don’t know as much as my sisters and my Mother but I know quite a lot!  I can honestly say I didn’t really get into it like they did until I became an adult and I found out who Tom Brady was.

I know you are probably thinking to yourself why Tom Brady? You are from Alabama. The fact that I am from Alabama is the reason why I can like Tom Brady because there is no NFL team in Alabama so I am open to rooting for whatever team I want. Most people would probably think I would like a team that’s closer to Alabama maybe like the New Orleans Saints, Atlanta Falcons or maybe the Houston Texans. They wouldn’t be wrong, but this girl is a huge Tom Brady fan. Since the 1st time I saw him play, maybe in a playoff game probably in 2000 or 2001, I have loved Tom Brady. I became the biggest fan when they played against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2003. He can do no wrong in my eyes! lol!!

I know you are wondering now why no picture of me in a Tom Brady jersey. Well, I’m usually so into the game when I’m wearing his jersey, I don’t take a picture of myself! So, yes I am very very girly but I am a girl that loves, watches, and understands everything about football!


2 thoughts on “I’m too Gurley for This…….

  1. That is AWESOME! My best friend and I had a blast at the Buffalo Bills game in September 1988. We also enjoyed Boston College games on weekends when we would visit his sister. I think honestly it was the partying we enjoyed the most.


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