Did Someone Say Food?


I’ve always been a human that likes to eat. Growing up I ran track and I played basketball and when I got to high school I only ran track. I’ve always had a fast metabolism and I thought that was because I was an athlete. I’m assuming because of that fast metabolism is why I’m always hungry and I always want to eat.

Before I even knew the rules of having six small meals a day, I was already doing that. I would eat breakfast in the morning, have a snack, eat lunch, have a snack, eat dinner and then dessert. Maybe later have a snack before bed. So maybe that’s seven small meals I don’t know! Maybe none of them were small meals except for the snacks. I like to eat I can’t help myself.


My go to meal was spaghetti. Its fast and easy and so delicious. I do believe that I could eat it everyday! I would prepare it with sweet corn or corn on the cob and garlic bread. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Speaking of eating, the Food and Wine Festival started yesterday at Epcot and I am super excited! There are a lot of things that excite me, the library, bookstores, my mother’s presence, hearing my niece and nephews’ voices, schnauzer puppies, babies, mission impossible movies, dragons, Jimmie Andrews; the list is endless. But FOOD, FOOD is really the one. Especially at the Food and Wine Festival. Since the first time that I went in 2009 I do believe I have been almost every year.

Maybe because it’s at the happiest place in the world I’m not sure but I love going there. You can taste food from so many different countries around the world in one place. And it’s not even just delicious food they also have wine pairings and sometimes dessert. I am in heaven when I go to the Food and Wine Festival.

bhjiohlf-197504121I think one of the things I like most about the Food and Wine Festival; when you go to each country to try the food, the people that are serving the food are from that country. It gives off a more authentic vibe and it is quite the experience. They are also dressed in the entire people wear from the country.

Of all the times I’ve been there, Brazil has always been my favorite. The skirt steak with chimichurri sauce and potatoes wins hands down, everytime! I mean what’s better than steak and potatoes? Well, if your not a vegetarian or vegan…lol! Oh and I love the fisherman’s pie.

I’m like a kid in a candy store at the Food and Wine Festival. I mean there’s brisket, fruit sushi, African barbeque, and drinks galore. I mean they have a drink called  the Singapore slinger.  Can’t go without eating a giant turkey leg or some . With all the different foods from so many different countries; before I leave I just get a simple funnel cake with a slab of vanilla ice cream.   And on select nights they have different musical acts and they have cooking classes! It is absolutely delightful. A foodie’s dream. A happy persons dream! My taste bubs are exploding in anticipation!




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