I’ve always been a person that needs space. What I mean by that Is even though it was just me and the pups I had have a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms large living room, nice back porch etc. I need my space. Plus, I have over 80 pair of shoes.

So, I mean a large closet is a must. Also, I have this fabulous jewelry armoire. Most importantly, I’m a writer with a very creative mind and I put my thoughts on the wall, literally.

My 2nd bedroom was used as my office and I had my desk, deskchair, laptop’s, printer, all 5 of my bookshelves. Yes, I had 5 bookshelves. I love to read and i love the smell of old books. I used the closet in my office for all of my shoes that overflowed from my master bedroom!

As I said Earlier I have my 2 pups and they needed room to run around and play with each other and do whatever. So I need my space or so I thought I do. I have recently have downgraded to a one bedroom place and I realized I didn’t need as much space as I thought I did. The boys have adjusted very well and I actually think they prefer the smaller place to our 2 bedroom apartment that we had. Notice how I said we had 🤣

Although they don’t have as much space to run around and wrestle each other and do whatever I think they like the smaller place because they are closer to me. At the end of the day all my dogs want is my time and my love.

Most of the things that I had in my apartment were just things. They were not things that I actually needed they were just props and I gave away most of those props. I have all the necessities that I need in my new place and its just as cozy and pretty. I’m able to write, function and be with my dogs. I don’t miss any of the things that I gave away. I guess I didn’t need as much space after all. Guess what? I still have all 80+ pair of my shoes

4 thoughts on “Downgrade…….

  1. We tend to hold on to a lot of things thinking that we need them. There is so much relief when we let some of it go.


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