Lift Up, Not Down


A few days ago, Lebron James did an interview with Don Lemon. He was talking about the school he just opened in his home town. It was a great interview.

Later that night Donald Trump took to Twitter and said, “the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon, just interview LeBron James, and made him look smart, that isn’t easy to do! I like Mike.”

I thought to myself how often do we as humans do this? Tear someone down to bring someone else up? Do these things have to go together? Why can’t we just compliment or like someone without bringing someone else into the equation?

I later saw Donald Trump’s tweet posted on someone’s Instagram page. So, as I always do, I read the comments and people were attacking Michael Jordan. I thought this was nuts. I felt obligated to comment. It aspired me to write this blog. Why do we have to attack Michael Jordan to uplift Lebron James? We can’t like them both? I feel like the smallest things are dividing our country and we are losing focus on the things that are important.

Let’s focus on helping each other, being kind, and up lifting each other! Life is about helping people. We should do more of that.

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