The Art of Being Involved




I was driving the other day and I saw something in the middle of the street. I wasn’t sure what it was. As I drove closer, I realized someone had run over a kitten and he was dying in the middle of the street. I was devastated. I was looking around in my car for something to wrap the kitten in and I had nothing.

By the time I realize I had nothing in my car to wrap the kitten in, the light turned green, cars were behind me and one gently blew the horn at me; so I drove off in tears. I looked in my rearview mirror as I drove off and I could still see the kitten kicking dying as blood was coming from his body and I didn’t do anything. I felt terrible and I watched as people drove over the kitten making sure they didn’t hit it but no one stopped to pick him up. I cried as I drove to my destination. It still bothers me as I think about it while writing now.

It made me think of things we see in life that are terrible and we do nothing to get involved or help because we don’t want to be implicated. We’ll say this isn’t my business and we walk away. I saw the movie, The Book of Henry, which was not very good by the way. The older son in the movie was with his mother and they saw domestic abuse. He asked his mother, “Why didn’t they help?” His mother replied, “It isn’t our business.” His reply to her was something like this, “If we don’t help in situations like that no one would ever get help.” I do believe, that was one of the only good parts of that movie. He wanted to be involved and he wanted to help someone that couldn’t seem to help themselves.

I’m not saying if you see someone fighting go over and try to be a hero and break up the fight. Don’t try to talk down a shooter if you are not experienced or educated in that field. I’m saying, don’t just take out your phone and record it, call the police if you see something happening that is bad. If you see a dog or cat wandering the street looking scared or afraid, call animal control. If you can, take the pet in yourself until you can find him/her a home. Stand up for people that cannot stand up for themselves; people that need a voice bigger than their own!

Volunteer your time and get involved in things you are passionate about. Be a part of a movement to make this country, this world a better place. Even if you see something suspicious, call the police, and it turns out to be a misunderstanding, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Nothing is worse in life than living with the regret of knowing you could have done something and you didn’t.

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